June 23, 2015

IRU Collaborations in Asia

Innovative Research Universities (IRU) is actively engaged in integrating Australia’s education and research with the world around us, particularly Asia, improving outcomes both domestically and for our partners.

In support of the IRU commitment to strengthening research networks with Asia, the IRU members present research collaborations with Asian counterparts at the event ‘IRU in Asia: Meet the Researchers’ at Parliament House Canberra 23 June 2015.

The event highlights, across a range of disciplines, research projects between; Charles Darwin University, James Cook University, Griffith University, La Trobe University, Flinders University and Murdoch University with partners in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and beyond.

IRU’s policy statement on Australia’s role in contributing to and benefiting from research linkages with Asia, Strengthening Research Across Asia: An Asia Research and Innovation Network, released 17 June 2015 provides the context for wider IRU Asian engagement recommendations. It is available for download here.

IRU is improving the delivery of Asian languages beginning with Indonesian through cross IRU options to bring together students and staff embracing digital supports for teaching.

IRU students access the IRU Scholars in Asia program, to study and work in Asia as part of their degrees. IRU Scholars in Asia is an IRU-initiated student mobility program, and runs in addition to the excellent opportunities available through the Government’s New Colombo Plan.