IRU publications

IRU publications set out the need for change in response to major issues affecting higher education.

The IRU provides a set of considered actions in response for government, public and universities to take up.

  • IRU factsheet: Building links with Asia-Pacific

    IRU members are at the forefront of knowledge and cultural exchange with Asia, offering study and in-country experiences with many Asian countries. Published June 2020

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  • IRU factsheet: Higher education in regional and remote Australia

    IRU universities are the lifeblood of the communities where they are based, providing a full university experience in regional towns and thousands of jobs for local workers. Published June 2020

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  • IRU factsheet: Supporting problem-centred research

    IRU universities undertake excellent research and find solutions to real-life problems in Australia and around the world. Published June 2020

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  • IRU-MRUN Research Outcomes

    Joint IRU-MRUN publication outlining 11 collaborative research projects. Published January 2020.

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  • IRU International brochure

    Prospectus for IRU universities from an international student perspective. Published October 2019.

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  • Learner Facing Analytics: Analysis of Student Perspectives

    Published October 2019.

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  • The implications of Digital Learning

    Joint IRU-MRUN publication outlining the results of four collaborative Teaching and Learning projects. Published 2018.

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  • The Use of Learning Analytics to Support Improvements in Teaching Practice

    Report from the joint MRUN-IRU Teaching & Learning project. Published 2018.

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