March 28, 2022

IRU to farewell Charles Darwin University

The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) is sad to announce the departure of Charles Darwin University (CDU) from the group. CDU made the formal announcement earlier this month, with their departure date set for 9 September 2022.

IRU Chair Professor Carolyn Evans said the group wishes CDU all the best as they move to being an unaligned university.

“CDU has been a valuable member of the IRU since they joined in 2009,” she said. “They have played key roles in a number of IRU initiatives such as our Academic Calibration Project, our collective work on opportunities in health and medical research, in our IRU Indigenous Network and hosting the Senior Leaders Forum in 2013 and 2019.

“We have clear priorities for the IRU, as expressed in our recent pre-election policy statement, but with CDU’s development of their new Strategic Plan, they have decided to focus elsewhere.

“We are of course sorry to see them go, but we understand they see their future as a university elsewhere and we will continue to work with them on our projects as full members until that date.”

CDU Vice Chancellor Professor Scott Bowman said since commencing his term as Vice Chancellor, he has been considering the university’s future directions.

“With our new 2021 -2026 Strategic Plan in place, regrettably we do not see ourselves aligning with IRU direction as we once did.” he said. “We feel it is time for the university to make a change and withdraw from this group.

“I would like to thank the IRU leadership, staff and member universities for their collegiality and support over the past years.”

IRU Executive Director Paul Harris said the IRU will work closely with CDU to ensure a smooth transition.

“The IRU Secretariat will work with CDU and our IRU committees to ensure minimal disruption during the process,” he said. “Through our many IRU committees and working groups, close collaborative relationships have been formed and we look forward to these continuing.”