February 2, 2013

IRU welcomes new Minister, thanks retiring Minister

The IRU thanks outgoing Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research Senator Evans for his commitment to implementing the Government’s major university reforms and welcomes incoming Minister Mr Bowen to the portfolio.

“I look forward to meeting Mr Bowen to discuss the challenges ahead for ensuring universities contribute effectively to Australia’s needs, including the IRU’s lead role in our engagement with Asia” Professor Glover, IRU Chair said.

“Senator Evans has been staunch in maintaining the importance of the Government’s reforms, particularly the demand driven funding system which has allowed a major expansion in access to university and hence a better skilled and more knowledgeable workforce. IRU universities, located in Australia’s growth corridors, are a major part of the expansion.

“The Government has cut back expenditure across many programs over the last two years. Higher education has provided many savings but the major Government’s initiatives have remained intact, a testament to their importance and to Senator Evans’ advocacy” Professor Glover said.

“Mr Bowen, in his previous role overseeing the immigration arrangements for international students, supported the new streamlined visa system in response to major concerns about past arrangements. While still settling in, the changes help maintain Australia as a competitive, viable option for students around the world seeking a high quality affordable university education.”