October 19, 2017

Jenny Graves, La Trobe University Geneticist, wins 2017 Prime Minister’s Science Prize

The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) congratulates La Trobe University geneticist and Distinguished Professor Jenny Graves, AO, on being awarded the 2017 Prime Minister’s Science Prize.

Professor Jenny Graves AO has transformed our understanding of how humans and all vertebrate animals evolved and function. In the course of her work, she has kick-started genomic and epigenetic research in Australia, and predicted the disappearance of the male chromosome.

Her research has contributed to a deeper understanding of the immune system, prion diseases and blood proteins, and helped understand the tumour driving the Tasmanian devil to extinction.

She has trained 56 PhDs, 25 Postdocs and hundreds of honours students and research assistants, including more than 50 genome scientists, many of whom now occupy senior positions in science, medicine, industry and academia.

The Prime Minister’s Science Prizes are awarded annually as a public recognition and tribute to the contributions that scientists, innovators and science teachers make to Australia’s current and future scientific and commercialisation capabilities.

IRU congratulates both Professor Graves and La Trobe University on this outstanding achievement.