September 21, 2015

Ministerial renewal chance to refresh policy

Innovative Research Universities (IRU) welcomes the appointment of Senator Simon Birmingham as Minister for Education and Training and Christopher Pyne’s transition to the crucial Industry, Innovation and Science portfolio.

These positions are critical to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s agenda to ’embrace the future’ to ensure a prosperous economy for Australia, embracing innovation and strengthening businesses’ willingness to use the research system to generate better products and services.

“Senator Birmingham has indicated his desire to engage with the higher education sector, building on his willingness to tackle the policy and practical challenges in vocational education and training, “says Conor King Executive Director of the IRU.

“It is now time for the Government to refresh its approach to the fundamental challenge ahead for higher education of ensuring universities have the resources they need to provide high quality education and research.  Only then can we achieve our essential role to stimulating innovation.

The Government’s initial package of reform has not succeeded.  It needs to revisit it to determine a new approach building on its core values, taking account of the reports that Labor is recommitting to higher public investment in universities.

It is important that we have two strong credible policies driving our major parties.”

The IRU looks forward to working with Minister for Education and Training Senator The Hon Simon Birmingham; Minister for Innovation, Industry and Science The Hon Christopher Pyne; Minister for International Education Senator Richard Colbeck; Assistant Minister for Science Karen Andrews, and Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy.