August 8, 2019

Performance-based funding proposals: IRU response

Professor Eeva Leinonen, Chair of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) network, has welcomed the report into Performance-based funding for the Commonwealth Grant Scheme, saying the IRU will work constructively with the Government to get the performance-funding formula right.

Vice-Chancellors from Australian universities were invited to discuss the report’s implications with the Education Minister in Wollongong on 7 August 2019.

“The IRU appreciates the opportunity to be briefed today by the Minister and the expert panel on this significant reform to how universities are funded and performance-measured,” said Professor Leinonen, who is also the Vice-Chancellor of IRU member Murdoch University.

“The briefing in Wollongong was an important opportunity for Vice Chancellors to understand how the new performance-based measures will operate, how they will impact on the operations of universities across the country, and the work that has gone into establishing the model.

“The IRU will work constructively with the Government to get to a fair outcome. The IRU welcomes the Government’s commitment to adjusting the measures over time. In that sense, the proposed funding mechanism is a beginning, not a final blueprint.”