May 15, 2018

Research infrastructure funding welcome but needs to be spread more widely – IRU

Innovative Research Universities (IRU) has welcomed the Government’s $1.9 billion commitment to research infrastructure projects announced today, which will allow IRU universities to continue finding solutions to real-life problems.

Commenting, IRU Executive Director Conor King said:

“This is good news for Australian research. IRU universities are already investing a lot of time and money into finding solutions to real-life problems but rely on a solid research infrastructure base to make it happen.”

“So many advances in Australia rely on high quality research, from curing diseases to protecting our environment and improving crop yields. That can only happen with sufficient investment in research.”

“The IRU remains concerned however that Australia’s research infrastructure facilities are not spread widely enough around the country, particularly into regional areas. It is important that any future new facilities are well distributed across all parts of Australia.”

The Research Infrastructure Investment Plan has been published in response to the Chief Scientist’s 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap. Funding is committed up to the year 2028/29.