June 4, 2021

Search for successor begins as IRU executive director completes term

Conor King, the Innovative Research Universities (IRU)’s executive director, has announced he will complete his term on 30 July 2021.  A recruitment process to select his successor is now under way.

Over nearly 11 years Mr King’s tenure as Executive Director established the IRU as a leading, constructive, contributor to the Australian higher education debate.

He guided IRU through the defence of the demand driven system and the successive Coalition Ministers’ plans to devise a replacement capable of parliamentary passage.

Across 2020 the IRU provided constant, detailed analysis of the Job Ready Graduates package.

Mr King led several major cross IRU projects, from supporting the IRU Vice-Chancellors’ Fellows to creating an effective system to compare assessment standards across universities.

Following a break Mr King plans to continue to advise universities, governments and others interested about higher education needs.