October 10, 2017

Western Sydney University signs onto IRU

Professor Barney Glover, Vice Chancellor of Western Sydney University (WSU) today signed WSU into the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) as the IRU renewed its Memorandum of Understanding.

WSU’s membership gives the IRU a presence in Australia’s third-largest and fastest growing economy, Western Sydney’s voice is critical at the national, not just regional level, concerning the considerable ‘knowledge-job’ uplifts and industry collaborations it supports in this nationally significant area.

‘We are delighted to welcome WSU to the IRU group. WSU’s student-centred model, dynamic research and relationships with industry and community at its many Sydney campuses, encapsulates the values all IRU members,’ says Professor Colin Stirling Chair of the IRU.

Professor Barney Glover has experience as a member of the IRU from his time as Vice Chancellor at Charles Darwin University, ‘WSU is very excited to be part of the IRU, we know both that WSU brings much to IRU and has a lot to gain from being part of the IRU.’

The IRU is meeting today at James Cook University Cairns City Campus for the annual Senior Leaders Forum this year focused on the theme of Innovation in Action or Innovation Inaction.

IRU in action

Students (2015)

  • Over 247,000 students, 44,000 of whom are international, 14% of all students
  • Over 7800 research students, 12% of all research students
  • Over 3600 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, 23% of all such students
  • Over 24,300 students from a low socio economic background,20% of all such students
  • Over 38,700 students from regional and remote communities, 19% of all such students

Research (2015)

  • 82% of our research is world class or better, across 263 fields of research
  • $304 million in research income, spread across national competitive grants and support for industry driven research, 9% of all university research income