October 4, 2022

IRU Response: 2022 List of Critical Technologies in the National Interest

 The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) appreciates the opportunity to make this submission to the Department of Industry, Science and Resources on the 2022 Critical Technologies List. 

The IRU welcomes the focus on key technology areas and agrees that research, technology and innovation play a critical role in delivering Australia’s future prosperity, security and wellbeing. Open consultation and discussion will be key to the uptake of new technologies across society in ways that minimise risks and maximise benefits for the greatest number of people. 

The 2022 review of the Critical Technologies List provides an important opportunity to clarify the purpose of the list and its connection to both broader policy-making across government, and to the research community in universities. 

At this stage in the process, rather than suggesting specific technologies that could be added to or removed from the List, the IRU recommends that the following issues be clarified: 

  • how the list relates to other government lists and how it is intended to be used; 
  • how broader capabilities that will also be critical for future prosperity, security and wellbeing (such as those in the humanities and social sciences) can be incorporated into this discussion; and 
  • how discussion of government priorities for Australian technologies/capabilities can be informed by global trends and developments. 

The IRU looks forward to engaging closely with the Australian Government on the important role of technologies and technology policy in the national interest. 

Read the full submission here.