March 20, 2017

Proposed changes to the publication of TEQSA’s decisions

The IRU supports the proposals for fuller and earlier publication of TEQSA decisions, including rejections.

A more open approach to the publication of TEQSA’s decisions, is the most effective way to ensure greater scrutiny of all aspects of the system, including of the regulator itself.

The creation of TEQSA was an intentional balance to the potential risks of a significantly larger higher education sector, both as universities have grown but also the growth in other providers, including a greater number of for profit bodies.

To assess how well the quality arrangements supporting higher education are working it is essential to understand what TEQSA is doing, how often higher education providers are deemed by it not to meet requirements for registration or for courses to be accredited, and whether those judgements stand up to later scrutiny.

Download a PDF of the IRU’s response in full.