A podcast from the University of Melbourne, that ‘demystifies the employability landscape, dissects the seemingly scary world of work, and helps you land that important internship. Work has changed. Employers want more than a grade, and candidates are demanding as much from their employer as their employer is from them. Internships are thus a crucial bridge from classroom to workplace. Each episode of Starting Somewhere tackles a theme, with concrete takeaways, such as video interviewing tips. Or getting rid of your digital dirt. The series is a step-by-step guide to help you find, land and get the best out of an internship (and turn it into a job!). The podcast will also address the hard topics: are internships just for the privileged who can afford to work for nothing, and do they exclude valuable candidates from diverse backgrounds? Are interns being exploited, and what are the signs? Should all internships be paid, like in France? We will follow intern diaries and collect useful tips, work hacks, and answers to the questions people are afraid to ask.’


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